The land of Uwgraf

Coming of Age

It’s Prince Belorin’s twenty first birthday, and the whole city of Diraskeep is alive with the buzz of preparations for the celebrations. Courtier and courtesan, royal and loyal, servant and sage, baker and banker, the Earl of Bigfellow and Old Earl (the pig fellow), – all are busy preparing whatever needs doing to make the city resplendent with flowers, music, fine foods and free-flowing beverages. An atmosphere of joyous spring festiveness pervades the entire city from the top of the temple’s spire, to bottom of the city’s dockyards.

People have come from throughout the kingdom to join in the hailing of the popular young prince’s adulthood, including more than one adventuring party, with hopes of catching a few free drinks, a bit of fun, and perhaps making some contacts for business and pleasure. As your party of ragtag hero wannabes sits around a table in a buzzing tavern, listening to bardsong and scoring a free ale or two every time a merchant shouts the bar to the health of the prince, an important-looking man approaches, smiling. This really is your lucky day.

‘Coming of Age’ is a 4th edition D&D game of mystery and adventure. Exploration, enigma and enormous wealth await all who might approach the kingdom of Silverhaven with a sense of adventure and discovery, seeking to show the strength of their swordarm, or test the tensile toughness of their towering intellect. 1st level characters will be made in the first session.


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