The land of Uwgraf

Welcome back to Uwgraf

The heroes have fearlessly fought undead, dragons, demons. However, in finally defeating the spirit of Xantaria, one Uwgraf’s most evil beings, did they trigger the apocalypse?

Rumours have been spreading of mighty heroes with power apparently directly from the gods. Morradin, once thought to just be a crazy dwarf (and let’s face it, he is crazy) turned out to actually be the harbinger of the dwarf god Morradin. The only problem is that it isn’t just the lawful and good gods who seem to have their chosen arising…

Why are the harbingers rising? Why aren’t the god’s speaking more about this? What’s going on?

Under ground in the Underdark
Campaign notes

Welcome back to Term 1, 2016

When we last met you had received a tip from Caistine and Samuel that there had been disturbances in the northern mountains where one of their agents had gone missing.

It was more than a casual disappearance and upon investigating the town the agent had last been seen, it quickly became apparent that the Drow had been enslaving and taking villagers. Just at a much greater rate than ever before. It was almost as if they no longer feared retribution from the surface world.

Following the trail for several days, deep in to the mountain you came across a Drow City, Celwynvian. After sneaking in pretending to be slavers yourselves, you started gathering information about what has been happening. You learnt of Content Not Found: drada, a Drow High Priestess who seemed to be the force behind this new slave drive.

Funnily enough you didn’t really blend in that well among the mind-flayers, vampires, drow and other evil races and it wasn’t long before you were noticed. Thankfully though the being that noticed you was a little pixie called Content Not Found: teak-teak. After she recovered from your introduction she led you to the Underground in the Underdark where you met Tett Agale, an elf who would see the slaves of the Drow be freed. All of them. A noble if somewhat unattainable goal…

Tett Agale knew of a way closer to House Vonnarc where Content Not Found: drada lives… He would assist you if perhaps you would also assist him…

Coming of Age

It’s Prince Belorin’s twenty first birthday, and the whole city of Diraskeep is alive with the buzz of preparations for the celebrations. Courtier and courtesan, royal and loyal, servant and sage, baker and banker, the Earl of Bigfellow and Old Earl (the pig fellow), – all are busy preparing whatever needs doing to make the city resplendent with flowers, music, fine foods and free-flowing beverages. An atmosphere of joyous spring festiveness pervades the entire city from the top of the temple’s spire, to bottom of the city’s dockyards.

People have come from throughout the kingdom to join in the hailing of the popular young prince’s adulthood, including more than one adventuring party, with hopes of catching a few free drinks, a bit of fun, and perhaps making some contacts for business and pleasure. As your party of ragtag hero wannabes sits around a table in a buzzing tavern, listening to bardsong and scoring a free ale or two every time a merchant shouts the bar to the health of the prince, an important-looking man approaches, smiling. This really is your lucky day.

‘Coming of Age’ is a 4th edition D&D game of mystery and adventure. Exploration, enigma and enormous wealth await all who might approach the kingdom of Silverhaven with a sense of adventure and discovery, seeking to show the strength of their swordarm, or test the tensile toughness of their towering intellect. 1st level characters will be made in the first session.


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