The sunny little doomed planet of Uwgraf is home to many nations which, during the history of their civilisations, have lived at times in peace and at times in conflict. As the gods would have it, there is relative peace and prosperity in the land at present, with the most civilised land, the continent of Nipeikos, having three established kingdoms on its western shores.

In the north lies Stormgard, a place of high mountains, rolling hills, and devastating winters. While the living can be tough and food can sometimes be scarce, a wealth of mineral deposits has ensured Stormgard a place of power on the continent. Their metals are strong, their blades sharp. The dogged resilience of their warriors are famous throughout Uwgraf, for surviving harsh winters only to fight barbarous hordes of goblinoids from the east in the summers. Among the most stout and gruff are the mountain dwarves, who mine the precious ore in the frozen northland of Stormgard.

The southlands, called the empire of Zorantia, are vast, but sparse in many parts. Home to the dragonborn race, who control the savannah, bushland and more arid parts from their palatial estates along the mighty Krakow River, both the land and its people has been tamed. Many who live here are little more than serfs, toiling over the land to bring forth food and livestock, or drafted into vast armies of lightly armoured but fast-moving spearmen, archers, or charioteers. The tribal groups that live here have been subsumed into the dragonborn empire, and must pay tithes of food or other produce, as well as men for armies, for the privilege of living under the umbrella of safety afforded by the empire.

In between these two mighty hammers is the anvil of Silverhaven. With a temperate climate, abundant waterways, and a line of strong and wise leaders, Silverhaven has been ruled by the kings of Diraskeep for centuries. Reasonably powerful in its own right, and flush with natural resources, the true strength of Silverhaven comes from its geography. Stormgard wants grains and cereals, Zorantia desires metals and metal goods, and their choices for trade are few. Ships could be sent across the Conian Sea, but the shrouded Misty Isles make the perfect base for pirates, who can strike and disappear back into the mists. Travel by land is equally perilous, with the tiefling denizens of the Shifting Wastelands well known for their ferocity towards those who would venture into the lands of their sandy home. Silverhaven is protected to the east by Tiamat’s Teeth mountain range, and her forests of oak to the north provide strong woods for buildings and large ships, while forests of ash and yew in her south give supple woods for bows, arrows and siege weaponry. The knights of Silverhaven have a reputation for being valorous leaders of men, while the much revered temples of Pelor, Erathis and Ioun give rise to orders of powerful paladins, who serve their gods and their kingdom with valour and righteousness. As such, trade from north and south enriches the treasuries of Diraskeep, and makes the Silverhavians a force to be reckoned with, and not one any nation would wish to upset without great cause.

The land of Uwgraf